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Bay to Bay

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What to bring

When you come on a tour it is important to wear the right clothing. We recommend comfortable loose fitting clothing that you are willing to get a little dirty and a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms from sunburn. Good comfortable shoes that enclose your feet are a must, no thongs, sandals or heels.

We also recommend that you bring a water bottle and sunscreen.

This tour is for everyone, from kids to grandma, the only skill required is the basic ability to ride a bike. An inclusive shared experience touring the open trails of Red Hill for people of all levels of ability and fitness. It is ideal for families and friends.

We start at Seawinds Gardens that has views of Port Phillip Bay and traverse the Peninsula to finish in the small village of Merricks that overlooks farmland to Westernport Bay.

This is an immersion into our wonderful natural environment with easy trails and wonderful views. We casually roll past vineyards and estates getting to see this beautiful part of the Peninsula from a different perspective whilst dipping into national parks and rolling down the stunning Merricks Trail.

After we arrive at Merricks we load our bikes and prepare to return you to Seawinds in our shuttle bus.

This tour is approximately 16km long and approximately 2 to 3 hours in duration.


  • Bay to Bay
  • Bay to Bay

Safety &

Safety & Important Information

We will provide a quality mountain e-bike and a Lamar Berg-EM helmet, designed specifically for e-mountain bike riding. We provide full instruction and familiarisation before commencing our adventure along with support throughout the journey.

It is vital that you ride within your abilities and only do what you are comfortable doing. If you have doubts — stop, dismount and walk your bike past any terrain you are not comfortable tackling and/or talk to your guide.

Keep a safe distance between riders and look out for other trail users. When approaching walkers ring your bell and loudly state your intentions. i.e. three bikes passing on the left, or 5 bikes passing on the right (note your guide will normally do this). Slow down past walkers and always be courteous. Like you, they are out for a fun day.

You may encounter horse riders who share some of our trails. If so, pull to one side of the trail and stop. Communicate with the rider and let them pass or wait for their instruction to ride on. More often than not your guide will be there first to handle the situation.

From time to time we will come across wildlife. Keep your distance and by all means, stop and take a picture but just remember they are not tame and may react to an unwanted advance. Give animals their space and listen to your guides instruction.

We are Licenced Tour Operators with Parks Vic and all our guides are first aid trained and have Working with Children checks.

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