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Gift Cards

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards can be used for any tour subject to tour availability.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Red Hill Trail Co is an outdoor adventure company and therefore operates in all weather conditions except extreme weather events. Events such as bushfires, extreme wind and/or storms may require us to cancel for the safety of everyone. In the event, Red Hill Trail Co cancel a tour because of extreme weather or any other reason riders have the option of re-booking, receiving a gift card or receiving a full refund.

While we do everything we can to accommodate changes to plans we do not offer refunds for tours cancelled less than 24hours before tour time or if guests fail to turn up at the allocated booking time. Bookings cancelled less than 7 days of the tour will be offered the option of a gift card, re-booking the tour or a 50% refund. Bookings cancelled 7 days or more from the date of the tour will be offered the option of a gift card, re-booking the tour or a 100% refund.

Risk Waiver

Mountain Biking can be considered a dangerous activity. Participants ride at their own risk and should at all times ride within their abilities. Red Hill Trail Co accepts no liability for any injuries that may occur.

While Red Hill Trail Co is fully insured, riders will be asked to sign a Risk Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release form. This form will be sent following the tour confirmation email. We ask riders to sign this waiver electronically prior to the day of the tour. In the event riders are not able to do this we will provide facilities on the day of the tour to enable riders to sign.

Children must be accompanied by an adult guardian who takes responsibility for the behaviour and safety of the child. Adult guardians must also sign a Risk Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release form on their behalf.


Riders will be requested to sign in for COVID purposes on the day as per governmental requirements.


Red Hill Trail Co will provide Australian standard e-bikes and Lamar Berg-EM helmets specifically designed for e-mountain bike riding.

Riders are expected to wear appropriate clothing. Recommended appropriate clothing includes comfortable loose-fitting clothing that the rider is willing to get dirty and a long sleeve shirt to protect arms from sunburn. It is also expected that riders wear good comfortable shoes that enclose their feet. No thongs, sandals or heels are allowed. Red Hill Trail Co reserves the right to refuse riders wearing inappropriate clothing from joining the tour for safety reasons. Refunds will not be provided in these circumstances.

All of our guides are first aid trained. In the event of an accident, our guide will assess the situation in consultation with the rider and determine an appropriate response. If emergency services are called, the rider will accept all costs associated. Red Hill Trail Co accepts no responsibility for injury of any kind.

Where a rider is deemed to intentionally or recklessly damage an e-bike, that rider will be liable for repair and/or replacement costs of that bike as well as any associated expenses to recover such costs.

Red Hill Trail Co reserves the right to stop a rider completing the tour if that rider displays unsafe, inappropriate behaviour or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol as determined by the tour guides.

Red Hill Trail Co will provide a Zefal console pack for each rider to store personal belongings however riders will have responsibility for those personal belongings.